TNC vs GAMBIT – GRAND FINAL – ESL One Hamburg 2019 DOTA 2

January 15, 2020 by 22 Comments

Commentary by TobiWan Kyle
TNC vs GAMBIT – GRAND FINAL – ESL One Hamburg 2019 DOTA 2
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22 Replies to “TNC vs GAMBIT – GRAND FINAL – ESL One Hamburg 2019 DOTA 2”

  1. Predator Gaming says:

    Tahniah TNC proud 🙂

  2. Space Explorer says:

    TNC from Malaysia😍

  3. Nikki Labrador says:

    proud pilipino here

  4. Renz says:

    Actual pepega

  5. Ilya Morshedyan says:


  6. Amir Adha says:

    No tier 1 team. Easy for tnc to win

  7. Argumenter_Respecter says:

    That meld bash to arrow combo at 12:12 is pretty sick to see.

  8. Freydom God says:

    TNC INDO PRIDE wooot! wooot!

  9. William Stephens says:

    Im a pubg player this sucks and who ever plays this 👎

  10. Joshua Calimutan says:

    Jesus christ! Gambit could have last picked mk/ursa/timbersaw, heroes which were not banned. Why it had to be ls wtf.

  11. Javza Javza says:


  12. Sachith Weligepola says:

    How does Batrider have a double lasso at 7:25 ?

  13. haziq ibrahim says:

    TNC Indo pride! wkwkwkwk

  14. Fish Ball says:


  15. Ernest Gil says:

    I hope TNC and Gambit will face again in the next TI. gpk is a solid Ember/mid player as well as Armel.

  16. Random Guy says:

    This kind of game we wanna see in a championship! 2 on 2 standing, not a 3-0 or 3-1, this just means both of them perfectly matched! Congrats TNC! I wonder anong mangyayare kung anjan pa si eyyou at kuku? Mag cchampion kaya sila? 🤭

  17. Codex 12 says:

    That Meld + Arrow is so well executed.

  18. Mambaraw says:

    gambit last pick lmao

  19. Mambaraw says:

    i respect full for philipins pro player but not for pinoy kids pub gay, ladyboy etc their gander is garbage retarded ever

  20. eric johnson says:

    qoute: if feel strong when im in with this guys, this 3 filipino got talents. . . "father march"

  21. eric johnson says:

    wow galing pala maglaro ng anak ni joey de leon congrats kpii de leon

  22. Michaeng can cure anything says:

    Wla ng kuku na trashtalker solid team na yan practice nlng

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