Tiny But Mighty: The GoBOXX SLM 15 Mobile Workstation

The GoBOXX SLM 15 proves that performance and slim design can be friends after all.

Craving more technical details than this video offers? Check out our full written review on engineering.com:

Update (November 25, 2019): Several viewers have pointed out that the BOXX GoBOXX SLM 15 is a rebranded version of the MSI WS65. We reached out to both MSI and BOXX to confirm that the computer is designed and manufactured by MSI. BOXX orders custom configurations of the MSI WS65, adds its own brand, performs its own testing, and provides its own support for the GoBOXX SLM 15.

The MSI WS65 that matches the specs of our GoBOXX SLM 15 review unit is currently available for $2599. As we haven’t reviewed the MSI WS65, we can not make any claims about its performance compared to the GoBOXX SLM 15.

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