Skin beauty for girls in Tam Kỳ | OFFICIAL VIDEO

December 1, 2019 by 43 Comments

🌼 Cách lấy nhân mụn đầu đen và đầu trắng, lấy hết máu độc ngứa trên mặt bệnh nhân.
💍 PHƯƠNG CHÂM: Sống uy tín và làm việc tận tâm
💍 UY TÍN: Đảm bảo uy tín và chất lượng như Kim Cương

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43 Replies to “Skin beauty for girls in Tam Kỳ | OFFICIAL VIDEO”

  1. Debra Jarrett says:

    You have a big nose

  2. Gyal Dem says:

    Huong I miss you posting, love your work. I hope you post more great videos soon. x

  3. Madeline Cooper says:

    I hope you are ok Huong. You were posting alot for a bit and havent posted in 5 days. Dont let the naysayers get you down. I love your show. You are beautiful and do a great job!💗👋

  4. Sara Musser says:

    Please post more. I love watching your channel! What country are you in? And what does a typical service cost $???

  5. marthastuart says:


  6. Orwell Huxley says:

    What is the name of the cups she uses?

  7. Tracey Holt says:

    i'm guessing you're doing the camera work as well as the pops? Your technique and work is great but you need to get a good camera person to work with you. The quality of the camera work made it hard to watch today

  8. Donna C. says:

    I'm sure you are making fairly good money from you tube you need to hire a competent person to film for you with proper/better light, I think if your filming quality continues to suffer so will your viewership regardless of your work, it's hard to watch with poor filming.

  9. Diana Swinehart says:

    Love the videos, what does the bamboo tubes do?

  10. Belinda Cossey says:

    I think they're using a cell phone to film the work. That's why the filming is so bad.

  11. Anja Mew says:

    Can’t see blurry ??????????

  12. Hera - Zing Mp3 Official says:


  13. Elizabeth Enright says:

    Thank you for keeping your gloves clean!!

  14. Sus AC says:

    Se ve muy mal.

  15. Vendormommy G says:

    Very blurry

  16. Corina Streahorn says:

    Your lens is dirty.

  17. Kelley Gingles says:

    Please get a camera/camera person. Video is blurred mor than not!

  18. Joyce Johnston says:

    Hello dear friend!! 😊 As always, great work!!
    Chào anh bạn!! Như mọi khi, công việc tuyệt vời !!

  19. fyandrews says:

    Huong, there is a channel Acne Treatment Hong Official, (without a "u") with your videos on it.

  20. aqua oxygen says:

    Omg why is not sharp again ???!!!

  21. Pocahontas Littlemanintheboat says:

    CO DAP LUM! Choi oi !

  22. Tamira Freytag says:

    what a beautiful girl, she will be perfect when her skin is cleared… a real beauty!

  23. Diana Deardurff says:

    Youneed to slow down and do a better job like you use to do.

  24. whitenenis says:

    The camera work & quality is not as it used to be… what happened?

  25. Lynn Smith says: They are stealing all your videos. If you contact YouTube and report them, they should make them stop.

  26. Big Star says:

    Camera awful.

  27. Chosen Diva says:

    I like the qtip method the best because it gets the zit deeper out the pore without sliding on the face

  28. Ruth Birnbaum says:

    sorry can't 'like". Focus and lighting off.

  29. TheDragonA64 says:

    Dear Huong, this channel steals your videos Look how many views they have stolen from you! People think that is our channel , you must report them. Good luck.

  30. Diana Swinehart says:

    Love your videos. Watch daily❣️

  31. Billie Godfrey says:

    Your videos are getting worse. Bad camera man

  32. Meredith Tornbom says:

    This one was really bury not focused, not like your usual ones. Maybe because the light. Too bad😞

  33. steve beuchert says:

    Id give her a job planting tulips

  34. kitzy katz says:

    Thanks for lovely video.

  35. Cathy Bair says:

    Great video Miss Huong ♡ ♡

  36. Lisa Kelly says:

    Do you put lipstick on all of your clients before you video them? I notice every single one of them has pretty red lips!!💋👄

  37. Linda Davis says:

    Awesome 🌸

  38. Jenny Marko says:

    Worst camera work on your channel ever. I don't who you had filming this, but you need to fire them and find someone else.

  39. Lynnette W. says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like there is more light needed lately? Still love you Miss Hương. 🥰

  40. NiNi to #6 says:

    Does anyone know when our sweet friend Huong's birthday is?

  41. Nerine says:

    Thank you Hương. Very nice video with you customary excellent extractions!🤗🌹🥰❤😊

  42. Joanne Curry says:

    Better than Therapy and it’s free! Thank you huong 😍🇬🇧

  43. 14Aymara says:

    Such a pretty girl! After the treatment is done she'll be even prettier, thanks to your skillful hands, Huong ! 😊❤🌹

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