Review: Marshall Kilburn II is a Rugged Portable Speaker for Your Inner Rocker

January 14, 2020 by 22 Comments

Marshall Kilburn II has a new, slightly more modern design that adds some ruggedness and water resistance to the iconic portable speaker.
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22 Replies to “Review: Marshall Kilburn II is a Rugged Portable Speaker for Your Inner Rocker”

  1. Anacel galon says:

    Wowww. Hoping that i have this. But can't afford. This is my dream ☺

  2. Killburn 1 is much better looks than Killburn 2.. Killburn 1 has an option of 3.5mm jack wire connection and the power switch, K2 only has bluetooth and doesn't have a classic power switch..The looks on K1 is more classic and killer looks : ) but both K1 & K2 has the same the sound.. I'm so lucky i got the K1 for only 280$ and the K2 is 400$ :p B4 it face out the K1 as per the sales agent.

  3. IPx2? That's like a rating you don't admit you tested.

  4. Stöpfel W. says:

    Does it support AAC tho?

  5. Aleks K says:

    Not worth buying it. Sound quality isn't the strongest side of this speaker and price too. Better to have a JBL Extreme 2.

  6. ???????? says:

    Is the main body made of wood like the 1st kilburn?

  7. So its not suited for rap or electronic, bass rich music ?

  8. How long its the charging time ya? From 0 to 100%?

  9. Chilly64 says:

    How did they get this so wrong?….. I love my first Gen Kilburn and it looks so much better too!

  10. Mir Daniyal says:

    The first generation is better

  11. JJ Arnox says:

    That design just ruined it

  12. Chibruuu says:

    This is a real downgrade. First model sounded way better, it had more heritage value and battery life was better. They’ve changed a supplier. First generation was made by Swedish Audio Pro. It is actually their awarded Addon T3 model with slightly tuned sound to fit Marshall specs.

  13. Sophie says:

    Not a fan of the new "modern" look

  14. PHYSIC SLATE says:

    First generation design was the selling point, they ruined it, gold/black gave it a vintage look which was a USP

  15. If u wanna buy this speaker. You need to have in mind that even being portable you've to take care of the speaker like a fancy porcelain for the materials specially that soft black "leather" scratch easy. Sound great but keep that in mind.

  16. TehPrix says:

    I went to buy an iphone and came home with a high speed powerbank. Who am I ?

  17. Чем он отличается от первого kilburn? Какая разница между ними ?

  18. Enlagrei says:

    my marshall kilburn 1 last for 30h on good volume… so a downgrade in battery?

  19. Topictag says:

    But it’s not even going to eleven…

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