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Topic: Printing and Worksheet Protection in Excel

This is the 13th video in the Microsoft Excel Foundation (Beginner) series & the 12th tutorial video in the series. If you missed the previous eleven videos. Watch here:

1.0 –
1.1 –
1.2 –
1.3 –
1.4 –
1.5 –
1.6 –
1.7 –
1.8 –
1.9 –
1.9b –
1.y –

In this Microsoft Excel tutorial video, I talked about:
– Printing in Microsoft Excel
– Setting print area
– Printing with grid lines
– Setting print titles
– Protect worksheet in excel
– Protect workbook in excel
– Locking cells in Microsoft excel
and more…

The version used here is Microsoft Excel 2019. This tutorial is also applicable to Microsoft Excel versions 2016, 2013, 2011 on Mac

** This marks the end of the Microsoft Foundation series
Next Video – “Microsoft Advanced Series”

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