Intel Core i9-10980XE CPU Review: Premiere, Blender, Overclocking, & Power

December 1, 2019 by 39 Comments

This review looks at the Intel i9-10980XE CPU benchmarks as it matches up versus the 9980XE, 7980XE, 2990WX, and AMD 3950X. The TR3 parts are in the next video.
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At time of publication for this content, the AMD Threadripper 3970X and 3960X CPUs hadn’t yet been launched, but we will have videos within a few hours (at embargo lift) to review those new CPUs. For this one, we’re reviewing the Intel Core i9-10980XE vs. the previous 9980XE, 7980XE, new AMD R9 3950X, and previous TR 2990WX, along with other CPUs (like the 9900K). Overclocking gets a big focus here, but we also benchmarked CPUs in video editing and rendering applications (Adobe Premiere), 3D modeling software (Blender), compression and decompression workloads, and gaming.

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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39 Replies to “Intel Core i9-10980XE CPU Review: Premiere, Blender, Overclocking, & Power”

  1. Gamers Nexus says:

    Here's our AMD Threadripper 3970X review!
    GN Modmats are in stock and shipping now! We are also working with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 10 trees for every item we sell during November:

  2. Jonathan Mao says:

    The lake is drying up intel.

  3. Slow down It's not a race to see who can speak the most words you are almost unintelligible in some parts

  4. 55commodore says:

    All I know is that Intel are killing themselves. Epstein, on the other hand, did not

  5. ZFD says:

    So, what's the minecraft benches lol!

  6. Yeah, it's called "Market Maturity" …. of course AMD is going to have issues here and there lol. This is an amazing CPU.

  7. gektor ps says:

    Vladimir Putin saving 14,000 sheep is important in advance for Intel and AMD.Died of the black sea. Boys from 18 -27.Crying sorry for the sheep.Pays people .Buy Intel and AMD. There's plenty of money to save the sheep.Lions and lionesses give meat.Lost cattle.Pity meat and labor.

  8. So basically if you use photoshop cc 2019, better save a lot of money (put it towards a better/bigger monitor) and get the Ryzen 5 3600 or 7 3700X which will give you the same performance than this new Intel Core i9-10980XE, but a for a really tiny percentage of the cost and less than half of the power drawn. Wow intel, just wow. (If you want more horse power, you always have the Ryzen 9 3900 and 3950).

  9. carlhil2 says:

    T-Shirt Jesus intimidated by AMD fanboys now?

  10. Can the better results in Adobe PS and Premiere be related to Vendor String ID ?

  11. The 10980XE really shouldn't be thought of as a new product, it's just a price cut for people who are already on X299 and have the PSU and cooling necessary.

  12. Brian D says:

    shame on adobe for the archaic Photoshop code. I've refused to buy into their Subscription strategy and still use the pre-subscription version.


  14. Bloodyzbub says:

    Thanks for the info Steve. Great vid man. Intel needs to step their game up….AMD with 7nm is kicking them in the balls—every…single…day.

  15. Erik Swan says:

    Does your Premiere Pro benchmark make use of QuickSync hardware acceleration?

  16. BlueSparkz says:

    Not competitive in workstation workloads, but if you overclock it to 4.9 you get higher FPS than a 9900ks. Of course you'll need an extra PSU (and fire extinguisher) to run it, but lets try to stay positive people!

  17. Darian says:

    I was reading an article talking about how this chip may suck at everything else but is extremely good for an AI computing benchmark. Just thought it was interesting.

  18. Triki Achraf says:

    I fell asleep and i woke up 3 videos later …

  19. Ross Hoyt says:

    Steve was so ready for Intel's fuckery this time with the embargo date! it took Linus by suprise LMAO

  20. Craig Tucker says:

    i heard that linux said that the intel marketing people are total fags

  21. Odi Agam says:

    why not intel core i10 ?

  22. Todd Simone says:

    I wish there was a way to see sales figures of the i9 10980XE vs the R9 3950X. Something tells me Intel isn't gonna do well.

  23. Page Fault says:

    Ah yes a rebadged 9980XE with a different TIM/IHS…

  24. 10:40 Have you ever tried GIMP renders? Does it also favor freqiency over core count?

  25. Spicer says:

    “Re refresh “ intel is being re retarded

  26. Gary Carone says:

    Dam, I get up go take a shit, come back and you're still talking!

  27. wysetech2000 says:

    Too bad Intel had to patch security holes in this CPU before it was released. I'm sure it was better before that.

  28. Steve says:

    Oh sweet my 2600 is on that graph!!

  29. 9900k is still the way to go for high end gaming builds ? dodged a couple bullets between this and threadripper.

  30. foff Please says:

    charts are poorly presented, as ever oc results are not clearly highlighted. looking too much on the brightside.

  31. Rakesh Nikam says:

    Dude you sound like a sports commentator 😀

  32. I know they're your sponsor, but can you compare the senheisser 4xx vs 5xx vs 6xx vs 650?

  33. i9 ten-thousand nine-hundred eighty XE, seems to be a legit stupid name.

  34. Evan Grove says:

    Captions for this video are hilarious
    10 9 ATX E
    10 9 80 .exe

  35. Alvaro L.R says:

    15:10 Cooking with intel part 2? The cpu alone takes more power than a modest gaming rig lol

  36. Damian C says:

    The scaling of that oc power draw though.. 3950x it is.

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