How to overlay Text on Video in PowerPoint

March 25, 2020 by 13 Comments

Learn How to overlay Text on Video in PowerPoint. The effect looks like this – as the video is playing you can make text appear on top of the video. The text can …


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13 Replies to “How to overlay Text on Video in PowerPoint”

  1. kapil4417037 says:

    Text goes backward of the video, how to bring it front. Even i set, bring front, it doesn't happen. I am using powerpoint 2007

  2. Dan Tucker says:

    Great resource, Ramgopal. Thanks.

  3. fitzgerald69 says:

    Doesn't work, text still not showing. Agghhhhh

  4. An account? says:

    Can we overlay pictures too?

  5. Wariobros194 says:

    cool thanks

  6. Mrnomaddrifter says:

    When I save my presentation as a Powerpoint Show (.pps) then embedded videos don't play. However there is no problem if I save as a Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt) Pls help.

  7. tropical says:

    can you put text in a video in powerpoint and then make it disappear?

  8. Prasanna Nadagoud says:

    Half information !

  9. Aasim Naseem Siddiqui says:

    Overlay text doesn't show when exporting presentation as a video. How to fix this issue? I displayed the text using video bookmarks.

  10. Dear Barsha says:

    How to play this type of video embedded presentation in any system ?

  11. S Chandra says:

    Good Work.
    Can you read Hindi ?

  12. Sumanth Solmon says:

    Sir, How to add a single video background to multi text slides.


    what is cost of membership program?

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