Feisty Deer Keeps Running Away Even After Being Hit By A Tranquilizer | Animal in Crisis EP92

November 23, 2019 by 48 Comments

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Rescue workers struggle for days to catch a feisty deer, who’s badly hurt and wandering around alone in the middle of a city.
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48 Replies to “Feisty Deer Keeps Running Away Even After Being Hit By A Tranquilizer | Animal in Crisis EP92”

  1. Kritter Klub says:

    Did you see the amazing jumping ability of this Formosan deer? :O Follow us on our social media to keep up to date with all of our animal videos!

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  2. Antonio cardeñoso says:

    ¿How much money cost that horn? i will put a BIG dislike to this video cuz they trying to handle people whit a stupid emotional music.

  3. Jino Lee says:

    동물농장 영상을 로고 바꾸고 자막 싹 걷어내서 이렇게 활용하네 ㅋㅋ

  4. Block Strike says:


  5. Bast says:

    Those poor deer.


    Жалко оленя,лишь бы со снотворным не переборщили

  7. Christinne Cartal says:


  8. Yvan Maximilian Mabilangan says:

    Poor fella caught by the anonymous greed guy/lady.

  9. AnaStasic says:

    Поркуристка 😂 а так же это я когда гости принесли вкусняшкии)👌🙃🌚😂

  10. кики кики says:

    Оставьте покой олень.

  11. jona brongan says:

    Oh god…was that blood?…idk what tranquilizer is and what it looks as if i was just smart enough but…dude i think you shot him too hard that he's body comes out with a blood…idrk about my grammars rn because all i care is the deer and how intense this video is becoming, Is a tranquilizer used to make something/someone become dizzy? or is it like a sleeping pills but with no pills…but you need to use a bow…:c..this is so sad although i think the deer might of had been surviving by traveling,adventuring to get here where you guys are trying to catch him..i hope the end of this video will be happy because i would be emotional and ended up falling a tear on my eyes, but back to watching this video…………………………..

  12. jona brongan says:

    Dude…This video is intense..!…also seeing the comments was more intense..;I

  13. jenson yip says:

    And peoples

  14. jenson yip says:

    This deer seems to be afraid of tranquilizer 😑😑😑

  15. DavidV Varin says:

    Il faut la tire avec des aliments

  16. anisa bagja says:


  17. mj777 carlox says:

    مافي عرب هنا 😊😉

  18. Rj jhay says:

    The deer wants freedom why people don't want to give him

  19. Yui Nurahilyon says:

    Why not get a wrestler to wrestle the deer when it gets cornered?

  20. Great India says:

    Good job

  21. Dynmo Stan says:

    I wonder what’s he hallucinating 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Светлана Маликова says:

    Спасибо, что помогли ему❤️❤️❤️ Он такой хорошенький. Надеюсь, у него всё будет хорошо🙏🙏🙏

  23. софия михалькович says:

    лучше бы умер

  24. Rob K says:

    Who stole his Horns 🤘.. 🤔😡😠

  25. Rob K says:

    7:57 Poor Drunkard… 😬😏

  26. kate baxter says:

    WTF? what do humans needs antlers for unless some stupid ignorant supposed medical need. This should be outlawed just like eating dogs and cats. How disgraceful and uncivilized.

  27. Moon Cherry says:

    The beat at the beginning tho.

  28. Gaming with Thu says:

    tell me why the deer sounds like my freind when he snores

  29. Connie Cooley says:

    English please

  30. พิลาสลักษณ์ กามูณี says:


  31. puki glass says:

    Omg where are his horns??? He must feel so defenseless,!!! What do they use the horns for?????

  32. Ryan Matthews says:

    i usually love these vids, but this one ? just leave the deer alone

  33. Shouto Todoroki says:

    I’m not against farming deer for their antlers as long as when they are cut off the deer is under anesthesia and they are kept in suitable conditions where they are happy. I am against raising them in isolation just because it might get a scratch. The deer are sacrificing their horns for you and I’m sure they don’t like being shot by a dart and being paralyzed and then falling asleep but then you have too raise them in isolation and in unnatural conditions! Can’t believe those deer farmerz

  34. Jaime Arechiga says:

    Por qué repiten lo mismo, lo mismo y lo mismo en el vídeo la hacen mucho de emoción.👎🏻

  35. RealLasty says:

    I’m a flipping fast runner I’m a kid lol

  36. Nu Duo says:

    That’s one kamikaze deer.

  37. Meawrion says:

    How can I donate to Kritter Klub? I love the work you all do, it reminds me that the world have so many cruel people, but also there's some people who care and love, and I want to help you to care.

  38. البحر الازرق says:

    غزال….ومش غزل…ابليز اكتبوا اللغه العربيه …..صح…..

  39. muki samüller says:

    Ein hetzjagt so fengt man wilde Tihre nicht ,mann müss die Tihre zeit geben .Muki ihr seit aller veruckt !

  40. Patrick Nguyen says:

    Does anyone know how or where I could go about donating to these kinds of causes? Such as rescuing animals as well donating to the VETs so it would cost less for these animals.

  41. Vladimir Porublev says:

    Люди самые страшные животные. Ублюдки

  42. Flakk Daniel says:

    Soy el único que habla español 🤷🏻‍♂️

  43. Designer Kung says:

    Lmao. Catch me if you can! Everything living thing loves it's life!

  44. نواف محمد says:


  45. Pharmacist Najeebullah says:

    What you want from them??????????????

  46. カールおじさん says:

    鹿くらい捕まえろや いちいちびびんな

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