[Acne treatment Hương Đà Nẵng] Squeezing acne 2 boys 13/11/2019

December 1, 2019 by 29 Comments

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29 Replies to “[Acne treatment Hương Đà Nẵng] Squeezing acne 2 boys 13/11/2019”

  1. Debra Jarrett says:

    She is not qualified to get the sacs out of cysts. That is what dermatologists do. Plus u need to stitch it and she is not qualified for that either. She is just a pimple popper.

  2. R Malone says:

    glad to see you made sure the pore was empty

  3. Abigail Delgado says:

    Hurang we were all chanting watching you "get that sac, get that sac, get that sac! Wanna see the sac!"

  4. larrydD says:

    hello sexy lady

  5. Nina Hamann says:

    Looks like he should have went to you a very long time ago. Glad you have him now to work on.

  6. Ashley Ganton says:

    This is the second video I've seen her pass up blackheads! Drives me nuts!

  7. Ghleehanna Leslie says:

    You vicious and edjucated beach you do not and I repeat do not know what the h*** you're doing and you're freaking lucky you're in some backwoods place where every UR good if you were here in America I would kick your fucken a** for treating a client like that you are supposed to do everything you can do to not create stars on someone and you are doing the complete opposite you do not need to jam that tool as deep into that person's face as you are all you need to do is p** the side to open it up and it will all come out you do not I repeat maybe you don't understand English maybe someone could transcribe this for you would you do not need to push that all the way up inside that person's face through epidemics through the dermis into his cheek you sucking moron

  8. Ata Deetlefs says:

    Excellent pops!! Like to see part 2 on them. Thanks Huong 🌷💞

  9. jettsoma says:

    Thank you! ☺️😍

  10. LynVoyager59 says:

    Really wish you'd stop trying to squeeze one handed. Much more effective if you use both hands.

  11. Giuseppe Polloni says:

    Min 8,21 very well executed cist, skillful and accurate

  12. sheryl BUTLER says:

    I feel bad for this man's bad scars. I wish I was rich, I would pay for an excellent plastic surgeon to help him.

  13. Gemini Tarot says:

    Heyyyy Hu'o'ng 🙋 💜😘 so I saw you posted videos but when I try to view them it says it was removed and the other said it was a private video. ☹️ I don't know what happened but the last 3 videos you posted I couldn't watch 🤷

  14. Joyce Johnston says:

    Hu'o'ng, thank-you for sharing!!! 😊

  15. Monica Kritner says:


  16. Monica Kritner says:


  17. Monica Kritner says:


  18. Cindy Hodgkiss says:

    They say “smallpox has been eradicated on this earth”, well THATS great, but now can you cure acne with an injection at birth? I don’t think so,and these poor people are scarred for life. They look like smallpox is still around!

  19. ZasuPitts says:

    Huong, can you please tell me what happened to all of your videos? I was trying to find one and they're ALL GONE!! You have only 16 of them on your home page. Where's the rest of them??? Where did all of your videos go????

  20. Bud Green says:

    Why dnt u touch the black heads u jst skip right over them tht is irritating my soul

  21. Cathy Bair says:

    You look lovely Huong ♡ ♡ excellent video! !

  22. Orwell Huxley says:

    What are the name of the cups she uses on the face?

  23. Carolyn Wilson says:

    It's not a good job if the sac isn't gotten and NONE were!

  24. henrietta mcmillian says:

    Loved it houng. I’m a little late responding but thank you for posting

  25. R Malone says:

    great video. thank you. I wish you would clean out the pore completely…

  26. PJ Taylor says:

    Not your usual good work. First guy?

  27. Hosana Carvalho says:

    A melhor !

  28. Hosana Carvalho says:

    A melhor !

  29. Hosana Carvalho says:

    A melhor !

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