[Acne treatment Hương Đà Nẵng] Remove inflammatory acne from a girl 15/11/2019

December 2, 2019 by 35 Comments

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35 Replies to “[Acne treatment Hương Đà Nẵng] Remove inflammatory acne from a girl 15/11/2019”

  1. Paul Whitson says:

    I really enjoy the few minutes of watching you work; you look very competent and real, not just a disembodied pair of hands squeezing anonymous pimples. ?

  2. I am watching this video for the second time and I am still so happy with how gentle you are with his skin and not causing a lot of trauma.

  3. So glad there are no longer bars in your videos. Let's see how long it takes the other people doing this to drop their bars as well.

  4. Melia Wood says:

    I love her…. love her videos , but sometimes there’s some she should just squeeze one more time to get that last bit left(I’m no esthetician, so I don’t know the procedure, it’s just my personal pet peeve, lol) … I always think/hope she is going to go back to it, and it just hurts when she doesn’t! Lol. 🙁 But still love her and she has some awesome videos , that’s why I continue to watch!

  5. O dear Lord I do not even believe that you are a real Esta Titian and if you are a must be the shadiest place to go to school in the whole world what you are doing to your clients makes me want to vomit you're doing it so wrong there's 2 ways of thinking you can be quick or you can be good and lady you are not good you're quick but you're doing a shifty job at it you do not need a jam that tool into that person's face you are not cleaning out their pores completely you do not need to gem that tool and spin it around because all you're doing is scoring that person when you go to push out the contents of the acne not assist that the acne you have to get it all out that's all bacteria sitting in there and when you jam that tool from one plus infected place in to another place where there is a small Whitehead you have just infected the crapped out of the rest of that face I don't care what you do afterwards it's still gonna be infected I can't believe they let you practus oh dear God I pray for your clients if they only knew how it's really supposed to be done how you supposed to take your time get everything out not cause pain when you can do your job and not cause pain like you see in your video where the person is wincing there is a way you can get all that out without causing the client any pain whatsoever and it's definitely not the way you're doing it go get a job in a hannberger factory that's what you doing to that person's face you sick sick bits

  6. jettsoma says:

    Excellent! ????
    You must be the best dressed esthetician in Vietnam! ??

  7. Ata Deetlefs says:

    ? Super pops Huong with your beautiful voice. Mostly appreciated ??

  8. She is so lucky to have you to help her with all those little bumps! Thank you

  9. Brilliant video Huong, could watch you working all day. Much love from London ??

  10. Why extraction contents just flicked away?

  11. jay anderson says:

    Do you ever GO BACK & THOROUGHLY CLEAN the client's pores?

  12. So where are you throwing all the pimple pus? All over? All over his clothes? On the floor? It really looks unhygienic!

  13. Lynn Holton says:

    What are the sticks u put on her face and what are they for?

  14. Anne Schantl says:

    Huong ,our friend, as usual a lovely piece of singing, good skin treatment and a beautiful person. What a great package, your English is improving.

  15. Merrie Voigt says:

    Chào anh bạn. Da và lỗ chân lông của cô ấy trông rất tốt. Đây có phải là một khởi đầu mới của mụn trứng cá? Cô ấy đã đến tốt nhất để có được làn da trắng sứ của mình một lần nữa. Hello dear friend. Her skin and pores look to be in very good condition. Is this a new onset of acne? She came the best to get her porcelain skin beautiful again.

  16. I always mute all the popping videos, but I keep reading in the comments how pretty she sings so I turned the volume up on this one. I could barely hear her over the sound of the bamboo tubes in the pressure cooker ?? ?‍♀️oh well, I'll probably rewatch some older videos with the sound on.

  17. B Man says:

    Lotsa little pimples. Looks like it will take more than one visit to clear her skin. Hope to see more of her. ??????

  18. hexencoff says:

    Huong when you sing it sounds like what I believe an angel sounds like!!

  19. Donna Hannah says:

    Pimple popper u ain't…ur a pimple goo slinger a lover room clien hey I know confetti and rice…wheres the rag or gauze or cotton…damn I wouldn't bring my pissant for a popping …u bad nasty

  20. Denise Z says:

    ??? ??? Hello my beautiful friend. Your client today had so many small mun. You always impress me because no matter how small you manage to make a good extraction. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Much peace and love to you. ✌️??

  21. Sheila Payne says:

    Too fast and furious for me

  22. R Malone says:

    great video! Thank you. Do you charge by how many you pop?

  23. Fantastic work and video! Thank you for sharing!

  24. ✨?✨ Chào bạn✨?✨Another fine video.

  25. Love your videos houng and love your singing thank you for posting your friend from kentucky USA ??

  26. Your video's get better with each passing day sweet Lady. Thank you for posting for us, we all appreciate your hard work getting these video;s up daily for us to enjoy! Thank-you and be blessed…

  27. another great job by Hurong, love your videos

  28. Linda Hirst says:

    Hi Huong ?? I just love your videos they make me feel so relaxed. ?

  29. Как же ты надоела. Везде своё лицо вставляешь. Можешь хоть ни в каждом видео себя показывать. ?

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